Friday, October 25, 2013

7/8 months post op

So I just had a friend point out I haven't updated my blog lately and  I looked and ti has been almost 5 months since I updated it. Wow has  time gone by. So the big update is I can't remember the last time I dealt with pain or  much swelling. 2-3 months I would say. I have all feeling back. No pain in or around my incision. I find my hips swell a little when I drink pop or a lot of sugar but its not the painful kind it was.

6 months post op
 I lost some weight initially but I am up about 5-6 lbs right now. (Also probably why I haven't taken anymore pics)  The weight gain is all from me, not surgery or anything.  I had knee surgery 3 months ago and was down for  that.  I am messing around with what workouts will work for me and I have been cheating more on my diet. I am around a lot of tempting sweets and need to learn to say no more. Plus my body seems to be at a comfy weight so I have plateaued. I want to drop 10-15 lbs but I am trying to not focus on the scale and more on being healthy and building muscle.

I haven't had an back pain since my surgery. I am able to do so much more physically. I can play more with my kids, I can move more, do more lifting, have better endurance. My abdominal muscle repair is still weaker and I am really focusing on this area bit I can see a huge improvement.

Those are all the pluses, I can think of right now.

A few down sides now.

 My incision is still very visible, its pink. I suck at scar therapy. I forget to do, the incision doesn't bother me so I just haven't made it a priority. Plus I am very pale which makes scars more visible on my. If the scar will bother you really be diligent on your scar treatment. With time the scar will fade on its own. Anything I would wear in public will cover it so I am not concerned.

I have one regret and its that I wish I would of gotten side lipo. When my stomach got smaller I now notice the love handle area a lot more. Its the main area now that I don't like. Its a hard area to loose weight and tone and I wish while i was already getting stuff done I would of had that done too. I don't want it done badly enough to go back and get it done now.

So over all, I am super happy with the results. I am glad I did it.  I feel great. I am glad I have shared this experience. I am a very open person, some people don't appreciate that but I am who I am. I know some wont understand why I would want to do this. Just exercise to loose weight. There is some damage to your body that diet and exercise wont fix. In the end you need to be happy with yourself. I am able to show my daughter a much healthier and happier mom now. Any questions please let me know.
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