Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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I have read up and discovered swelling. I will swell maybe 6 month. Here are some tips to help with swelling.

More tummy tuck tips

The more the merrier
  • Get a recliner. Thank you Erica, for writing about your 'recliner nest'. We bought a used leather (reduces the ick factor) LazyBoy from Craig's List the day before the surgery. Thank God! In a recliner, you can sit up a bit more if you feel queasy, or lay down a bit more to sleep. You can't do that with a bed full of pillows and a husband trying to sleep next to you. I'm not a back-sleeper and I normally can't fall asleep in a recliner. But add some narcotics and sleeping pills and I slept soundly from one potty break to the next. Now that I'm off the pills, the recliner makes a nice napping place when I'm tired of scrunching my incision as I sleep on my side. By the way, I met a woman in the waiting room who had her surgery the day before I had mine. She said that she could barely sleep, and sure enough, she had no recliner.
  • Wear a tank top. My doc recommended that I wear a tank top under the abdominal binder. What a great tip (and I've never seen it online anywhere else). You won't be peeking under the binder for the first few days (for fear that your guts will fall out). Once you have your drains removed and start taking showers, the tank top will help you feel fresh and clean every time you change, and you won't have as much chafing.
  • Cinch the binder at an angle. I can't believe it took me two weeks to figure this out, but the binder is much more comfortable if you make it a little smaller on the top and larger on the bottom (cone-shaped). This way, it doesn't move around and bunch up as much.
  • Don't get the surgery over the summer if you can avoid it. I read this piece of advice, and like other people who teach, I thought it was silly to avoid summer. Now that I've had the surgery, I can see why. If you got itchy and sweaty under your binder (which you have to wear for two months), you would be a basket case. If you can crank up the AC and stay indoors, you might be okay.
  • Give yourself a break. I cried so much the first few weeks. And I'm no wuss--I've traveled around the world alone, earned a Ph.D. in chemistry, had a c-section and a vaginal birth...but this experience knocked me flat. I'm so used to being the one who makes this house run. It was hard to ask for everything, and to have my little one want me to run with her. Now it's hard to walk with a hunchback and get those pitying looks. It sucks, it's hard, but it's going to be okay in a very short time. It's my surgery and I'll cry if I want to! You should cry too, if it happens to you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What will they think

 I have been struggling with what people will think of my getting a tummy tuck. Especially family and my church. The main people I have told are other moms and a few friends and family. I know some of my friends and family don't agree with my getting the surgery. I was told by one family member I should be taking my kids on vacation instead. I have prayed about this surgery and the decision to have it. The timing to have it and the money have all fallen into place. My husband and I are both in college. Just so happens that now i have the perfect amount of time to take off to have it.  Once I graduate and start working what job will give me 4 weeks off. not many. Yes I could use the money for other things. Do I feel guilty for spending $8000 on myself. BIG YES!!!! I am a mom I feel guilty when I have to buy new jeans or new shoes. This will help me feel better about me which will help me be the best mom I can be.. I know it is silly to care what people think but I have for 32 years, can't stop now. I live in a small town  and I know people will notice I look different. I know friends and family will wonder why I am not at work or church for a month. I am not sure yet how to tell people or what even to tell them. I decided to do this blog and a way to help me get over this fear of rejection and judgement.

1 month

So I realized exactly one month from today I will be getting my tummy tuck. I m excited, I am nervous, I am a jumble of emotions. I have talked about this for years and truly never though timing and money would line up. I have been thinking a lot of all the details that still need to fall into place.  Little things like I need to buy some baggy sweats, and some t shirts I don't care about in case my drain leaks. I am waiting for my taxes to come in any time. I will feel some relief there when I actually hold the money for the surgery. I am trying to figure out the best way to feed my family while I am recovering. I figure i need a good solid two weeks of no cooking. I don't want to ask anyone else to do. Just doesn't feel right. Any suggestions or ideals on meals would be awesome. So here is to 1 month and counting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top ten tummy tuck tips

Top Ten Tummy Tuck Tips

I got these from another blogger 

  • 10. Cough Drops and Alavert There is nothing worse than sneezing and coughing after a tummy tuck. Do everything in you powers to avoid it. When you do, it feels like you’re ripping your insides out, one staple at a time. Immediately followed by a horrible burning.
  • 9. Milking The Drains Milk Milk Milk! It may seem gross, but keep up on it. The more you get out of there, the sooner they can remove the stupid things. It’s not like you’re too busy anyway, you’re just sitting there — so milk!
  • 8. Make Me Heal Forum I don’t know what I would have done without the forum. So many inspiring stories and helpful people. Don’t be afraid to ask any question, someone somewhere can relate and help you out! Click here for to visit the MakeMeHeal.com.
  • 7. Take Your Pain Meds Stay ahead of the pain. Take your pain meds regularly. If you let them wear out of your system, you won’t have a fun time catching up. This is especially important for the first 3-4 days.
  • 6. Running Pants I lived in my Adidas running pants. Their elastic waist band, pockets and lining were perfect!
  • 5. Bromelain This natural supplement reduces inflammation and helps with the swelling. As an added bonus, it’s good for people with allergies. It’s made from pineapple so it’s natural and safe, Click here for information from WholeHealthMD.com.
  • 4. Nextcare Tape This stuff is a lifesaver! After your stitches and staples are out, you’ll need to keep your incision covered with medical tape. The First Aide tape I tried first was too inflexible and hurt to remove. Then I found Nexcare at my local Walgreen’s. It’s soft, flexible and completely waterproof. It doesn’t even budge in the shower.  Click here for information from Drugstore.com.
  • 3. Recliner After spending day after day in my little recliner nest, I came to love it. It helped me be independent and gave me all the support I needed to be comfortable. I could NOT have laid in bed for the first week, no matter how many pillows. I even went back to it after one night that I tried the bed. I ended up using it until I went back to work, so, a week and two days.
  • 2. Loving Boyfriend If you can get a sweet nurse like mine, do it. I couldn’t have made it the first two days without someone there to place my pillows, drain my drains, give me my meds, get me things and pop in movies for me! And if he’s your sweet boyfriend, all the better.
  • 1. Babywipes The uses are limitless! My favorite is giving myself a birdbath for the ten days I couldn’t shower. They also come in handy for taking off makeup and cleaning your face, wiping up after you drain your drains and general freshening up. My favorite tip by far.
  • Consult

    I went to my consult yesterday. Dr Robbins office was really nice and his staff was very friendly and courteous. I was able to fill out my paper work online. I got in with 10 minutes of my appointment time. I did have to fill out insurance information which is weird because I can't imagine my insurance will cover this. They gave me an entire book of before and after pictures to look at which just got me excited. Dr. Robbins was so nice. He answered all my questions. He said he will be able to get rid of almost all my stretch marks with is awesome because they go up half way between my my belly button and bra line. HE also said he will fix my muscles which have been weakened and have spread form pregnancy. For the first week I will basically need a lot of care and help with my children. I will wear an abdominal binder and have two drains. He will take out the drains after a week. I wear the binder for a month. He said someone with my previous surgical history I should recovery fairly quickly. Most moms who have had c-sections find after a month they feel pretty good. My plan is to take a month off a work and school. My mother is awesome and has agreed to take care of the first week. I am a pretty whinny patient lol so she is in for it. The surgery itself is going to cost a little more than I thought but I am getting the best which I think is worth it. I thought it was only going to be around $6000.  Including anesthesia and facility fees it will be $7950. I know, WOW that's a lot. I thought about just saying forget it but seriously the timing between school is perfect. I don't know when I would have the money or time to do it if I decided to wait. I think it will tax money well spent. My pre op is schedules for March 7 and they will go over the details of the surgery then. My surgery is scheduled for March 20. Thats a little over a month. I am so excited but nervous at the same time.

    Choosing a doctor

    . Let me start that I researched doctors in my area for months. I believe I found the best in my state. There are a few things you should look for when choosing a doctor.
    1. they should be board certified.
    2. What organization(s) does your doctor belong to and what are the requirements to belong. Many are just clubs or groups that have limited requirements to become members. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ASAPS have rigorous standards with training requirements and enforcing ethical practices.
    3. Is he/she credentialed to perform Plastic Surgery in local hospitals?
     4. is the operating room fully accredited.
    I picked Dr David Robbins at Des Moines Plastic surgery. He is the only double board certified plastic surgeon in the state of Iowa. There operating room is fully accredited and is located at his office. He has one of the few certified plastic surgery nurses in the state. His review I read online were awesome and i received a personal recommendation from a previous patient.

    My story

    So I have been researching tummy tucks for about 6 months. I have come across a few blogs that were really helpful so I decided to document my journey, the good the bad the ugly.
    I know a few people will question my reasons for doing this. I am doing it for me not for anyone else. My husband doesn't mind my body they way it is but I do. I want my outside to match my inside. I was always a thin person. I never worried about weight much til I had children. My first pregnancy was your average pregnancy and I bounced back pretty well. My second pregnancy was different. I got HUGE. My daughter was almost 10 lbs and I had to have a c-section. A little over a year after I had her I decided to lose the weight I had gained before I got far I found myself pregnant again. This pregnancy was a disaster. I had major high risk complications. I spent the 6 weeks before me deliver on hospital bed-rest. I remember they weighed me a few days before delivery and I was 215 lbs. WOW. When I had my youngest I had to have an emergency c-section along with an emergency hysterectomy. Now I find myself with a preemie, a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Life goes on and one day I wake up and it hits me I weight 204 lbs. Through a friend a tried a weight loss supplement called ACE. Over the next year I loose 47 lbs. I by no means am skinny. I am sitting at 157/ But I am comfortable at this weight. The one thing that I cant stand is my abdomen. i have stretch marks like you wouldn't believe, a funky belly button and 2 lumpy bumpy belly bumps. Gross right. I just look in the mirror and think you are 31 years old you and you shouldn't look like this. I made the decision that when my tax money came in 2013 I would use for a tummy tuck. i have wanted one for awhile. I just didn't want to be selfish and heaven forbid do something for myself. Most mothers can relate to this feeling. My husband completely supported my decision. He told me he wants me to feel good about myself. I want to be comfortable in my skin. Do I think I will come out with a 6 pack, no I am realistic. I will never again be 120 lbs but I can feel comfortable in my own skin.
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