Wednesday, July 10, 2013

16 weeks post op

Wow, I can't believe its been 4 months already. Seems like its been longer. I have been hitting the gym like mad for the past 3 weeks. My one complaint (STILL) is swelling. I usually have anywhere from 2-4 lbs of swelling. Most of it in my hips and outer thighs. Sometimes its still painful. This morning during my workout it hurt to jump, but my pain tolerance is decent so its very manageable.  My stomach itself swells very little and usually when I do abdominal work.

My muscle repairs feel fine. My muscles have softened up to normal. They were rock hard.  I have had one painful muscle spasm and that was when i lifted too much weight at the gym. My muscles are still pretty weak (way stronger than before though). I am still happy with the results and don't regret the surgery at all. I am much more health conscience now. I take a lot better care of myself.

Here are some pictures.
front view. slightly swollen

side view

belly button

scar, I am very pale


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  4. You look awesome and your surgery looks to be such a success, thank you for sharing your journey so openly and honestly. I have my tummy tuck scheduled for November and I am SO SO excited!

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