Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two week post OP - pics included

Today is 2 weeks since surgery. Its been a long two weeks. I go back to work in two weeks and school within a month or so. I am not upto housework yet. I have driven a little. twisting is hard so I try not to drive if I dont have to. I would advice people to photograph in the morning as swelling is better. By noon I am really swollen. I have been tired. Not sleepy. I actually don't nap or sleep well at night. Its a lack of energy throughout the day. When I do run to the store or go to dinner and I get really worn out quickly. I am learning that patientce is important. Its is a long healing process. Now sayign that I still feel 2 weeks later it was worth it. Am i compltely happy with my results. Not yet, but I am still swollen and my finally shape will come. My muscles are still tucking in and my waste is swollen. Muscle spasms have gotten better. They dont hurt they feel similar to full term baby kicks.
 I took some pics this morning in my pajamas lol. My front view you can see my scar is healing nicely. I am pale so my scar is vivid. It is thin. I am kinda bad at scar therapy. It hurts to do. My scar only hurts when I start touching it. its very similar to my c-section scars.My belly button is still healing. It looks dark because I still have stitches in. It had to be anchored to my abdominal wall. I should get the stitches out when I got back in 3 weeks. The marks on my stomach are from the binder. I still have stretch marks and I don't like the way they look but I am told  they will get better over time. Also you can see I am still really swollen on my sides. I chose to not get lipo. Reason 1 is the added expense and Reason 2 is I feel I shouldn't get any work done  that I can fix myself. I can work on my love handles with exercise. If you don't want to deal with your sides or your back, then I would say lipo. I have discovered I am in the minority. Most people get a lot of lipo. I am a curvy girl, I don't mind. If I drop 10 lbs and the swelling goes down I will be happy. My side view. I like a lot better. My swelling in the front is not as bad as the sides in the morning. You can see how far to the side my scar goes. My is very low on my sides. Where mt drains came out is healing.


  1. You really do look awesome! Ashley boydstun

  2. Thank you for your detailed posts. I had my tummy tuck on 11/21/2013, so I'm only at day 10. Your posts are encouraging. Thanks!


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