Saturday, March 30, 2013

PO Day 10

I have doing pretty good. I am the middle in what fellow tummy tuckers call swell hell. I started wearing two compression garment. The one thing I can't believe is my lack of energy. I do anything and I am just wiped out. I went to the store Friday and rode in the electric cart. We were gone less than an hour. I felt horrible when I got home. Today I had breakfast with friends. I literally sat in a restaurant for 2 hours and talked. that's it. bye time I got home I was super hunched over and had to take pains pills. I would take a nap if I didn't have 3 kids running around. I hope i get some energy back soon. I used to going going going.
Another thing I started was scar therapy. Let me back up to my 1 week post op visit. i have been super happy with my doctor but my 1 week follow up was disappointed. He seemed hurried through my follow up and didn't really give me a lot of information.Which brings me back to scar therapy. He said to start it yesterday. I using coconut oil and some scar treatment I got at the doctors office. I know i am supposed to message my scar but I was not told anything about how to do it. I do have a lot of numbness around my my incision. very similar to when you have a c-section.I wont lie its hurts to touch my scar. so messaging it seems like torture but its a big scar and I want it to be smooth. Its berry thin so that is mice and he got it nice and low on my hips. honestly a scar doesn't bother me, its will always be covered anyways. So now I have to do research and figure the best way to do scar message. I would take some updated pics of my scar and swelling but honestly i am in my recliner and so tired I am not getting up anytime soon. I will try to get some later.

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