Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1 week

I week till surgery. I paid off my surgery today. No turning back. I have been working on freezer cooking so my family has 2 weeks worth of dinners. I have my pre op physical with my family doctor tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last day of work for a month. My doctor seems to think I will have a pretty good recovery. He said with my past c-section/hysterectomy history I should bounce back well. I have been following others of a forum called real-self. A lot of them are getting flank lipo too and said I will have bad results without the lipo. i disagree. yeah I have some love handles but I can work out to improve that. I am not expecting to look like a supermodel. Anyway, I am getting so excited. I have been really tired lately. not sure why. just have been. I think its the stress of all the planning and waiting. I can't wait till its over with.

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