Friday, March 22, 2013

3 day PO

I actually got a pretty good nights sleep last night. Today I get to take the binder off and shower. My mom is going to come help me. I think we will wash my hair over the sink. I borrowed a  shower stool so I don't have to try to stand up in the shower. I haven't been getting up unless I need to use the bathroom. My drains are putting out 30-35 ccs every 6-8 hours which is really good.I have had a headache since surgery. I  thought I might be dehydrated but I have been really pushing the fluids and it hasn't helped. I have called my doctor and they said it could be from anesthesia. I have never had a headache from anesthesia but every surgery is different.  Iwill be happy when its gets fully out of my system. I Am nervous about taking the binder off. How the heck will I get it back on. its on tight. will it hurt to take it off? What if I see my tummy and hate it.I know I will be swollen and maybe bruised.I guess its the fear of the unknown.But oh do I want my hair washed. I am also getting sick of being stuck in a recliner but the less I am up the better I will heal. its just so hard to have to have someone get every little thing for me.I will post again after my shower.

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