Friday, March 8, 2013

Pre op Spaz

I had my pre op with Dr Robbins yesterday. I have been researching tummy tucks like crazy. The husband will take the laptop from me eventually. So I have been spazzing out in Kati style. Nothing new I am a bit of s spaz.
I am metally preparing myself for it to be a bad recovery s that way if its not too bad hey its will be a bonus. I have been freaking making sure those that help me have it easy as possible. I have a feeling I will end filling my freezer with enough food to feed an army. I guess I have to focus on one thing or my excitement and nerves get the best of me. I mean in a week I will be able to look at the lady bits without holding up my front butt. gross I know, but the reality of bad genetics (thanks  mom), 3 kids, 2 c-sections and a hysterectomy.
Ok I have wondered off from what I was posting about, pre op with Dr Robbins. I took my mom with me. They gave me the pre surgical info (all the bad things that could ever happen). If you have has surgery you have probably read. To those who take your mom with you, pretend you are reading the daily funnies. I am pretty sure she was totally freaked out with some of the stuff.
He really didn't go over much and to be honest after i left I was wandering why I had to drive over and hour with my mom backseat driving to be there 30 min. My surgery is Wed. the 20th at 7 am. i will be in surgery 2 to 2.5 hours with 30 mins in recovery. I think I will be in recovery a little longer unless they plan to wheel me out to the car semi conscious.  The  anesthesiologist will talk to me day of surgery. They will go over the drains day of surgery. I have to have them for 7 days and have my follow up a week after surgery. I need  to eat crackers with the painmeds. Vicodin will be my new best friend. I will have a patch behind my ear to help with nausea. I am pretty sure throwing up after they have moved my abs around could be one of the worse pains ever. Just a guess.
My mom did fins out he has never been sued and chance of infection is super low (told you she sorta freaked out). My plan is for the first week is to be a vicodin coma. hopefully my 3 children will for once leave mommy a lone when she doesn't feel well. I don't like my chances. My mother in law will cart my kids around (I think only because I forced a detailed after school schedule on her). My mom is the main person I am relying on. Not only will she have to look after my whinny butt but she will have to make sure my family doesn't bury my house in laundry and dishes. He made it seem like compared to me emergency c-section/hysterectomy this shouldn't be much worse. I should be feeling pretty good after a week or two. BONUS!!!! I don't even remember much of my recovery from that.
So yeah, this is were I am, 12 days and counting till surgery.

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