Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tomorrow is the day

So I have less that 24 hours till a new me. I am getting so nervous and anxious. i actually had an anxiety attack this morning. I thought I had those under control. I have to be at the surgeons tomorrow at 720. I hope i am ready.  I have all my prescriptions. An antibiotic, a muscle relaxer and a pain med. I am hoping I don't need to get a nausea medicine. Pain meds in the past haven't made me sick so we will see. I feel like I have everything ready. I have to finish cleaning my house today.I spent the week before cooking food. I have 14 freezer meals and 14 smoothies. I want to eat as healthy as possible to help with healing and just because I have a new tummy doesn't mean I should eat whatever. I really want to get back into working out after my 4 weeks healing time. The doctor recommended yoga so I think I will start with that but I really want to get back into Zumba.
I have been following other tummy tuckers on real-self.com and I have come to realize I am one of the few not getting lipo with my tummy tuck. I worried that my results will suck because of this. I have some love handles and i am chooing not to get them sucked out.I have 2 reason. 1. Hello i am blowing huge money just for the tummy tuck, i am tapped out. 2. my love handles can go bye bye with a little hard work. My loose skin and flab can't be exercise off. The more weight I loose the worse it is actually. I have some pain in jeans when I sit and my abdominal muchles have been spread having my 3 children. big babies. so it will be nice to have those muscles put back where they go and then I can stregthen them.
But first I have to get through the surgery and recovery. I hope I get visitors. 4 weeks home, doing nothing but recovering. What am I going to do with myself. So once again my post is me rambling on. I expect I will get worse at the rambling while I am on pain meds and nothing to do.

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